With a general look at the aviation industry, it is obvious that this industry needs development and progress to adapt to global changes. For this reason, the Payam Aviation Exhibition & Airshow plays a basic platform for exchanging ideas and innovations in this field


This event is designed as an opportunity for enthusiasts and companies active in this industry to communication and networking and provides an opportunity to showcase the latest ideas and innovations and to strengthen business connections inside and outside the country


Due to the significant importance of the aviation industry in the global economy and the potential capabilities of this industry in the country, the Payam Aviation Exhibition & Airshow will host interested parties and companies active in this field as a platform for exchanging knowledge and technology and establishing business relations


At this event, all eligible people, including the general public, enthusiasts, investors, and representatives of related industries, have an opportunity to learn about the latest achievements and developments in the aviation industry and participate in the development and progress of this industry


We hope that this event will bring more productivity to improve technical knowledge and exchange ideas and can play an important role in realizing the country's development goals